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The 1st ECOSYSTEM for Employee Benefit & Group Insurance


We have invested 19 years and multimillion$ to Create the most sophisticated, easy to use and powerful Employee Benefit and Group Insurance CRM.
In the next few minutes we will share with you the key components of what make solution the SMARTEST GB CRM available on the market.
Keep your mind open as although we have invested million$ and you might feel overwhelmed with the ease of use and power of the application, we made sure to provide affordable ENTRY LEVEL Packages that will make it an easy choice to ANY serious GB Consultant.
It is evident that target markets are the industry majors. However because this ECOSYSTEM is a universal solution we also made sure to make it affordable to all, providing the smaller player with the greatest opportunity to access financially unreachable power tools for a fraction of the real cost. 
Actuaries, TPA/TPP, large sponsors, government agencies, union organization, payroll system, BPM and Carriers will find a full range of additional more powerful and advance products to respond to their unique and Global operation. 
Remember that this CRM is part of the ULTIMATE
OPEN to ALL ECOSYSTEM that provides the industry with the opportunity
to reduce management cost
by 15 to 50%.
We all agree that the maximum efficiency and return will come with the industry adoption but as you can now appreciate each participant profits by implementing on their own.  Not only do they get almost instant ROI by improving on their operation and client INSTANT GRATIFICATION, but they will strategically set themselves up to capture the numerous opportunities that will show up over the years.
Every single participant will be able to pick and choose the tools that will best fit their needs and budget and rest assured that as dictated by their personal or industry evolution they will be able to scale up as needed. 
Because the CRM is the Core of /ALLEGROUPE offering, let’s review the common key features that make the SMARTEST CRM available:
Please be reminded that this presentation is limited to the basic GB CRM features as we provide a full spectrum of tools to respond to EVERY NEEDS from Sales to Full Claim adjudication at the pharmacies.  We offer tools for EVERY PARTICIPANT from the certificate holder to the carriers including payroll systems. 
For now please focus carefully on this presentation as we will try to blow your mind by showing you the very little human effort required to reach maximum REWARD and insure full management of every aspect of your GB operation.
So let’s begin our review:
To Start off, we need to insure that we can capture any piece of information that is relevant to your client.  The platform will not only provide with a specialized GB structured data input, it will allow to easily tag many outside documents such as:

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom


we will bring it to the next level.


Word, Excel, PDF, Picture, Drawing, etc.


Whereby, whenever provides you with a free format box of information you will be able to insert existing document, create new ones or simply import from your personalized bank of templates. 


ONE SINGLE SOURCE for ALL your Information.


The key to GB management is the proper management of contract information.  These data will become source of all day to day activities.  In order to simplify training, we made sure to provide a data input structure that mimics the well-recognized EXCEL interface to which we added a few twist in order to make it GB Smart.


For one we made sure to create all specific data input based on the specificity of each BENEFIT.  As an example, if we wish to input and maintain Life benefit information we will find all the specific fields and then some to insure that you can safe keep all the info you want or need.  Now the information YOU WANT might not be ALL the information available.  Therefore, you can easily select to manage a simplified, summary, complete or complete with Services input structure.  The last one will insure the management of all ancillary services such as Paramedic, Hospital, Dental, Critical Illness and others.


Obviously you can switch from one format to the other by a simple click of the mouse,

allowing you to gradually enrich your database over the years.


The internal quality control CRM will advise you with Red, Yellow and Green lights to indicate if any important piece of information is missing.  Red fields will clearly indicate must have information, the yellow are suggested and green will indicate that all fields have been addressed.


Oh and before I forget, you can build your own templates or use Carriers template to create your contract information which should allow you to populate some 80% of the needed information. can support over 33 different benefits including Life, ADD, EHC, Dental, Critical Illness, car and home group insurance, Union contribution, Pension, etc.


Now take note that ALTHOUGH we are providing simplified and highly structure fields to reduce human error and insure ease of use in data entry, our database is much smarter than it looks.  Each of the important field info will later serve the GB processes as the Artificial Intelligence will be able to understand the relative values.  Again we are strong advocate of the KISS principle and although your work seems very basic and superficial we will insure that no good deed will go unrewarded.


The next step is to insure that we properly manage all the census information, so we made it easy to import external databases.  Again the most popular format being Excel we created an Excel data import feature that can import over 100 fields of certificate information making it easy to move full set of information into the database.


So here it is, in 3 easy steps we have populated our SMART CRM with most of the information needed for day to day operation.  So let’s now take full advantage of our light lifting.


To do so, let’s review 2 different scenarios

where the SMART CRM will extract maximum return for you:


We will first review how we can capitalize on these data to do

professional market survey and then we will explore how your

day to day management will insure

FAST and EFFICIENT client support and



Then we will do a quick review of the control panel that will insure perfect communication and tracking of your files.



So let’s start with a


To insure proper underwriting we will need to share a few more information with the carriers and we will be ready to go to market.  So what is missing?


Claim and rating history.


That is easy to take care of as we have created simplified intelligent interfaces that will allow input of any information ones care to share with the carriers.  Again the system will make it simple to pick and choose the needed fields.  Furthermore we made it SMART.  Based on the previous input automatically and logically fill much of the expected data.  Again EASY and STRAIGHT forward data input that will forever serve your GB day to day purposes.


We might need one more block of information and this one is easily customized to your specific needs through a simplified word document that is provided by  You therefore can add, remove or delete any line of information or altogether use your own personal document.

So here we are ready to go to market.  We have ALL the needed information:


1) Company profile

2) Claim and Rating history

3) Census

4) Specific instructions

5) Contract information


So we are ready to send a copy of our current contract to our market unless… 

we want to make a request that could be different than our current plan.


This obviously is no problem.  We will simply copy our current plan into a project and make the needed adjustments.  To make tracking easier, we will high lite the changed fields.


Once we are satisfied with the changes, we pick and choose from our list of preferred underwriters the one we wish to share the RFP with.  You can pick one or many and the system will automatically make a copy of the proposed plan for each and every one.


The next step is to send the RFP, and again we made this effortless as all you need to do is select the ones with a click and press on SEND.  To insure that the underwriter will have access to all the essential information, both the RFP and the Current plan will be transmitted automatically with this single click of the mouse.


Here is a sample of our RFP that is sent to the Carrier:


As you can appreciate we have a very structured, well documented RFP that contains all the needed information to insure a quick and professional response.  Your personal logo will top your cover page while the form provides all the basic information about the client, the advisor, the free format information we created, all the various benefits details, the rating history as well as Claim history with graphical presentation of the numbers, a census list where we have keep the confidentiality of the members as well as any additional information required.


While we wait to get the responses from the carriers, we could take a cup of coffee or simply take a rest…  Well since we really did not work that hard and it still could take a couple of days to get the response, maybe we should bring your cup at your desk and create additional RFP’s, until we get our responses back.


As mentioned before is a universal Cloud solution that is design to service EVERY industry participant for all activities.  Therefore, an equivalent RFP system is available to the carriers that make their market evaluation easier and well structured.  In the ECOSYSTEM perfect world, the carriers can rapidly review the submitted RFP and respond electronically their offer which then populates your market analysis.


Until they all do, we have made it easy for you input the deviations as well as the rates based on traditional responses format.


CONGRATULATION you have completed your first RFP and are ready to provide your client with expert reporting that will provide all the needed information to make a smart decision… with you.


One more click on the ONE TOUCH icon, let the system work for a few minutes…

and we are ready to explore the various reports:


The first one is the actual comparative analysis that will not only provide the essential financial information but will provide your client with a BENEFIT side by side analysis that will highlight the variation.  Similar to your own management screen you can choose to provide a simplified, summary or complete analysis that will best insure that your client will not only focus on pricing but will be able to review WHAT the best VALUES/PRICE ratios are for them.  These tools will finally provide the proper information that will allow VALUE selling vs PRICING only.


The smart analysis computed the “what if billing” for each and every one of our scenario.  Whereby you can pick and choose any carrier proposition and get a “what if billing” providing detailed coverage, rating for each certificate holder as well as the high level resumé information.


If you took a few extra seconds to provide the Employer/yee contribution scenario by simply filling the needed field, you can now also obtain the Optimize fiscal impact for any of the presented offering.  For sake of this presentation we have stated that the employer is paying 50% of the premium. 


Reviewing the employer/yee contribution report sheet, we can appreciate the system not only provides the proper split contribution but it also provides essential information about taxable incomes as well as deductible expenses.  As we can see, the higher level of TAX intelligence implemented in will insure to minimize the sponsor taxable expenses while providing more money into member’s pocket.  The saving will come by limiting the taxable benefit combined with the deduction of expenses on their income tax bill.  The sponsor will also benefit financially by again limiting the taxable income given to their members.


One critical communication process is sharing with each insured the impact of the proposed solution. 

  • How will it defer from previous plan? 

  • What are their own coverage details, premium, personal or corporate contributions, as well as how will these benefits impact their income tax report?   


Please take a few second to appreciate that although we have elected a 50% employer contribution the various premiums WERE NOT split in the middle.  Again the artificial intelligence made sure to minimize the tax impact by optimizing the portion paid by each of the 2 parties.


As mentioned before all the previous reports are available within our ENTRY LEVEL options.  The ONE touch click triggered the calculation for all the selected options, and automatically created the various reports for you.


Many additional reports are available to respond to more demanding needs.  Because we want to limit this presentation to the BASIC functions we will skip their review.  Just remember that except for the EI reduced rate and the CSST or Workmen Comp no other human intervention were needed, as all these report were already processed and are ready to be shared.  Furthermore, custom reporting can be built to respect user needs and branding.  Please do not hesitate in calling on us if there is a need to look further into these.


Now that your client has selected the right plan, all we need to do is convert this project into a contract.  A few clicks of the mouse to pick and choose the needed plan and convert the selected offering into a contract and you are ready to offer the best day to day customer service and insure INSTANT GRATIFICATION to your client.




The key to day to day management is to insure INSTANT GRATIFICATION to your client and do so with minimum human intervention.  While servicing your client you will need to keep track of the important conversation, record any changes as well as inform your client of the impact of these changes.


To offer INSTANT GRATIFICATION to your client you can either provide them with an online WEB access to the information you want to share with them or provide phone support.


Using the simplified interface, you or your client can easily make changes (or request for them; should supervision be required).  As an example we can quickly make a salary change, a termination or modify a coverage status.  Within a fraction of a second we can see the impact of each modification to the monthly premium, the employer/yee shares as well as the fiscal impact of the new premium.


By requesting a personal sheet for each employee affected, you can effortlessly provide a detailed form that can be distributed.  You will notice that the system will automatically recognize the language of choice of the employee and provide them with a language friendly form.


Should we need to manage more details about any employee we can simply double click on any of them and access their complete file?  Again all the GB fields of information are predefine to insure the capture of all your NEEDED information. These include spouses, dependent, beneficiaries, as well as again a free format field to allow insert of any related documents.


As we can appreciate, in admin mode the keeps track of every single coverage modification.  We can therefore navigate through time and review the history of events.  Blue fields will easily indicate the differences with the previous information. 


This history of event is also found within each benefit as we can scroll through the contract evolution. By accessing the various benefits, we can again easily navigate through time and see any or all changes that occurred over the years. It is important to note that although management is simplified and streamlined to insure minimal human interventions, the Artificial Intelligence will ensure proper management of all financial or claim adjudication based on retroactive or proactive changes.


Should you use the solution to do billing; the service will keep a close track of all accounting activities that are related to each individual employee.  As we can appreciate, a very sophisticated log of accounting operation will insure access to every invoicing or employer/yee optimized contribution insuring a perfect tracking of all the related information.  You will also have access to the retroactive adjustments.

As an added bonus, you can easily navigate from the employee file to any related information, whereby you can easily access as an example the employer/yee contribution module, or the full contract info.


As we can appreciate, similar to the project management screen, we can view and edit the contracts information into single Excel look alike screens. 

  • The first one will provide the generic Contract processes allowing you to select the specific methods that you need this file to be managed with. can easily respond to most current carrier’s model, set applicable business rules and accounting preferences.

  • The second screen will provide benefit details.  Again you can select the amount of information you wish to display while having a complete picture of all coverage with each of the associated carrier.


Because you wish to offer INSTANT GRATIFICATION to your client, your system will always be up to date and current.  Taking advantage of the power of you can automatically generate “What if Billing” or the official “Billing” as well as provide your employer with the related premium sharing that can be shared with the payroll system.


Managing the billing will insure perfect synchronization of any financial GB specific information. For one, the system will expertly manage the various employer contributions and provide a complete or summary list that can be shared with payroll or HR system.


When time comes and you need to do a market survey, you will simply need to convert the contract into a project and utilize the now well-known SALES management features.  You will be able to so with a few click of the mouse and provide your client with the INSTANT GRATIFICATION that he is now expected more and more.


AGAIN in the perfect ECOSYSTEM, each participant accesses their information and is able to share responsibilities, eliminating the duplication of information and insuring ALL, the needed INSTANT GRATIFICATION while reducing the cost of management.


We could expand on the various other admin modules, but again for sake of time we will end the DAY TO DAY MANAGEMENT exploration.  Should you wish to expand on what you saw, please do not hesitate in calling on us.


HIGH LEVEL control of your information


The final review is all about HIGH LEVEL control of your information.  To insure that you keep a close lid on your information as well as insure proper follow up we have created 2 different interfaces to address the specific needs of SALES and ADMIN.


The SALES module is providing the perfect control tools to insure a high level view of all related information into a single easy to access interface.

For one we can see and access ALL our prospects and clients from a single control panel.  We can then have the important statistical information about the total number of projects and have them split between current file, waiting for carrier’s response, not sold and sold.  You can quickly access any group of project with a single click.  Whereby we could review and follow up on not sold cases. 


Each project are assigned a specific color of Red, green, purple or blue.  As we will then be able to track the various project status and insure proper follow up until the file is concluded.  6 important follow up dates are available to insure proper tracking.  You can sort the list as needed by simply clicking on the title. 


Each file could have any number of projects.  For instance the AAA data client as 4 projects for 2006, 2008, etc. that could be for a new complete project, renewal, disability, pension or whatever is the project need.  Each project reflects the color of the associated status to make management easier.


A nice pie chart using the same coloring scheme will provide a good visual presentation of the status of your portfolio.




We obviously cannot manage our clientele without a proper CRM communication module.  So we made sure to provide the follow up tools to respond to your specific needs.  For one the system will provide an automatic listing of all the EVENTS that occurred, keeping track of file or project creation, RFP transmission or copies.  Each even is time tagged and associated to the user. 


You can also create and follow up on associated NOTES or COMMENTS.  Again the system will keep all the associated information making it easy to document your communication with client or providers.


Furthermore, you can keep track of all emails or letters that were sent to your client, providers or other users, as the system will automatically keep a copy of all your documentation.


Finally a GB specific agenda and email management are available to insure integrated management of all information related to your clientele.


The ADMIN module is also providing the perfect control tools to insure a high level view of all related information into a single easy to access interface.  Again the tracking of communication, Notes and follow up are available.


ON the admin high level interface screen we will focus on the contract information.  We will allow for the various follow up listing by providing easy search for renewal dates or any other related administrative activities.


This concludes our QUICK overview of the BASIC functionalities that make the

the SMARTEST GB CRM available.


If this presentation responds to ALL your current needs you are invited to visit the web site to review the pricing structure or the spec sheets of the various ENTRY LEVEL available options.


For those who need more, please rest assured that can respond to most of the industry needs.  Over the past 19 years we have integrated most of the activities from sales to FULL claim adjudication. offers it own Drug and Dental white labelled Cards and offer ACTUARIAL TOOLS, TRUST FUND ACCOUNTING MODULES, RISK MANAGEMENTS FEATURES, TPA/TPP AS WELL AS ALL THE RELATED ACTIVITIES.  Should we not have the tools you need we will be happy to respond to your need by creating the desired function.  Our mission is to service ALL of your needs.


We suggest that you build your wish list and share this list with us.  We will make sure to continue to impress you by showing you HOW we successfully integrated your needs into the FIRST FULLY INTEGRATED END2END CLOUD ECOSYSTEM that can save the GB industry 15 to 50% of the current management cost.



Thank you.