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What is a CRM?


How can I make a sound decision and avoid buying into a tool that will make me waste time and money?


To start with a CRM is a Client Relation Manager  or in layman term a set of tools to manage the most important asset in your business:




You are right.  Choosing a CRM is not the most evident decision for an advisor/actuary.  Your business is all about Insurance not Computers.  You speak English and they speak gibberish.

Different CRM target different audiences. Some will help fish the client out of a pool of prospects and provide follow up tools. These are generic CRM that have a specific functions not unique to Group Benefits advisor/actuary and they will not be the subject of this topic.  Sorry guys, I will leave this to others as my specialty is helping GB professional manage their existing portfolio.   

The needed CRM starts once you have a serious buyer or a client.  The CRM you need has to address the specific Group Benefits sale activities associated to RFP's, Risk analysis, comparative quotes as well as day to day management that could include Billing, TPA/TPP and other dedicated functions.

We can categorize the numerous CRM available on the market today.  To make this easier lets divide them into 5 categories.






Group Benefits SMART



You definitely want to stay away for the POOR.  These are the one that will waste more time than the return.  Database that will allow you to enter data, but will provide very little return.  These are databases were you will be replacing existing info by new ones, and loosing the previous info...  Ones that will not help improve your service to your client.


As for the next 4 levels, lets make it easier for you to understand as we have created a multimedia PRESENTATION titled:


Need a CRM ?

How to choose the one for me? *


We hope you will enjoy the presentation and that it will help you make the right decision or at least help you avoid making a bad one.  If you enjoy the video please share it with your friends in the industry.  If not let us know as we are here to help and would certainly appreciate having your comments in order to better serve you.


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